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I’m working on a longer account of TCAF for PW, but here’s some photos to capture the high while it’s fresh. While the weekend was tinged with sadness over the passing of Canadian native son Darwyn Cooke, the general mood was a celebration of the kind of creative spirit that Darwyn embodied. TCAF s always a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones; you never know when you’ll be crossing the street near the library and run into an old TCAF mate and then meet some legend of Canadian comics who’s new to you. Getting to delve into the history of Canadian cartooning is one of the true joys of the weekend, along with the welcoming hospitality and piles and piles of great comics that you can’t possibly get home in one suitcase.

I was lucky to run into R. Sikoryak and Kriota Willberg on my Porter Air flight and enjoy my annual crepes lunch with them. (Bob also helped me with some of my long standing anxieties about Powerpoint and Keynote!) Indefatigable Brigid Alverson and Deb Aoki were my roommates and dinner and breakfast companions, and we all joined Calvin Reid and Jody Culkin for post show beers. I also had dinner with my old pal Mark Askwith and coffee with Glen Downey, dinner with a whole bunch of amazing cartoonists and beers with too many great people to remember. These good friends and so many other made this a wonderful weekend that I wouldn’t miss for anything.

Here’s my quick and dirty photo album.

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  1. A nice set of pictures, and it was particularly good to see Kate Beaton. A minor typo: Tilly W’s last name is Walden, not Waldman. As for the more important point, yeah, she’s pretty amazing.

  2. Great pics! This was a fantastic year for TCAF, despite the sad passing of Darwyn Cooke. It was perhaps fitting that his final day was one where so many people gathered in one place could share stories and remember him.

    Oh, and as you asked, that’s Marta Chudolinska beside George Walker
    ( http://martachudolinska.com/ )

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