You’ll be hearing quite a bit from Tapastic over the next few years, I’d imagine, so here’s one to start with. This week the webtoon publisher have announced a deal with mobile game developer Com2uS to publish a webcomic based on their ‘Golf Star’ game.


Which is a rather unusual choice, but still interesting. There have been cross-promotions between comics and other media before – but it’s something more commonly associated with print work from bigger publishers, rather than associated with webcomics. The fact that a shared audience between mobile gaming and webcomics exists is not surprising, in and of itself. But! The fact that people are now starting to mine that shared audience? That’s worth noting.

The webtoon – Tapastic is based on the Korean format, which is called webtoons rather than webcomics – will be created by South Korean creator Mir.k, who is best known for his work Tomorrow.

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