Later this month Capcom will reimagine its pinnacle survival horror game Resident Evil 2 for a new hardware generation. Why wait though? Starting today, players can take their “1-shot” in a special intense sneak peak of the game.

Aptly named the “1-Shot Demo,” players must take on the challenge of surviving the horrors of Raccoon City in just 30 minutes. If players complete the mission objective under 30 minutes, they can restart the mission until they use up their full time. If players succumb to the zombies during their 30 minutes, they can continue any number of times until the full 30 minutes have been reached.

The end of the demo reveals a brand new cinematic trailer exclusive to demo participants. While players cannot restart the playable demo after their time is up, there are no limitations on how many times the trailer can be viewed.

In the “1-Shot demo,” players step into the boots of rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy as he arrives at Raccoon City Police Station in the ultimate worst first day on the job. Leon must survive vicious zombies and solve puzzles to find safe passage out of the station. With an entire building of flesh-eating nightmares lurking between Leon and his escape while the clock ticks down, players need to be sure they’re killing more than just time. -Capcom Press Release

Having played sections at conventions and special events, 30 minutes will change the way you approach the game. If you tend to be methodical for the sake of caution, the encroaching timer simply won’t allow for it. Capcom is looking to thrust you into the heart pounding danger of this game.

Will you be able to survive a half hour in the Raccoon City Police Department?

The Resident Evil 1-shot demo is available to download free on the Xbox store, Playstation Store, and STEAM

Resident Evil 2 launches on January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 


  1. Resident Evil 2 is the best horror game I have ever played in my life. No matter how long I play the game or how many times I play the game, I never get bored of it.

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