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Whedon’s Firefly Gets a New Graphic Novel from Boom!

This November Boom releases new original graphic novel for Whedon's Firefly

Preview: 5 Pages of Firefly #1 as the Ship Catches Fire

Things you aren't supposed to do to a thruster reactor...

Dark Horse Loses BUFFY To BOOM!

Check off another IP loss for Dark Horse Comics. Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been published by Dark Horse since 1998, but now...

BOOM! Reveals Covers for Firefly #2

Lee Garbett handles the covers

Art Preview: BOOM! Releases Pages From Firefly #1

BOOM! has released 3 pages of art from November's Firefly #1, the prequel to Joss Whedon's television series by Greg Pak and Dan McDaid. Official PR follows: BOOM! Studios...

BOOM! Reveals Sienkiewicz Variant Cover for Firefly #1

And Joss Whedon will be signing some

BOOM! Reveals J.G. Jones Variant Cover For Firefly #1

That would be the 4th cover artist so far

Firefly (Yes, Joss Whedon Firefly) Moves Its Comics to BOOM! in...

A new story will finally tell the tale of the Unification War

SDCC ’16: “Serenity” Soars Again in New Series from Chris Roberson...

Dark Horse's partnership with Joss Whedon has been a long and productive one, releasing Seasons 8 onwards for the much-loved TV series Buffy The...