BY JEN VAUGHN The word adult has an ever-evolving meaning as pop culture is influenced by those who hold the disposable cash and we figure out new ways to wear jeans to work pajamas to work.

Tonight at the Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center there is a SXSW Interactive evening event called Plutopia 2011: The Future of Play that anyone can attend. Various speakers will focus on the converging technologies of the science field with arts and entertainment via film, demonstrations, performance art.

As an avid Doctor Who fan, I’m none too pleased to announce I will be building a TARDIS on location with writer Stacey Brook. For those not in the Who know, TARDIS represents  Time And Relative Dimension In Space and is indeed the Doctor’s time machine. Shariar Shadab, an Australian animator and illustrator, let me in on his TARDIS creation the other night. BBC America is conducting Where is the TARDIS? a “TARDIS-building contest” in anticipation of the April 23 launch of the new Doctor Who season on BBC America.

You can bet your bippy that Shad’s TARDIS will appear at some point during the Plutopia: The Power of Play again.

See you there!