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Artist Mitch Breitweiser and writer Patrick Stiles have a new webcomic called The Futurists — it’s a science fiction comic set during the Raj (English rule) in India in the 19th century — we hear that’s the hot new comics genre. And it’s purty as hell.

[email protected] has more and an interview:

DP: Another question I had was regarding the format. Mitch, I know you do a lot of work with Marvel, and so I’m curious what made you guys decide that a webcomic was the best format for this particular story.

MB: Given our current obligations, the internet is the most convenient and hassle-free way for us to publish. Plus, everyone likes FREE, and if we really want The Futurists to grow wings then why not give it away. If it fails, it’s a labor of love, no regrets.