Indie Jones blogs about the School of Visual Arts annual mini comics faire, which we usually go to, but had to miss this year. It’s a shame, because every class includes at least one future star and several future mainstays:

Most interesting thing to note: I’d say about 90% if not more of the kids there draw in a manga-inspired style. I know, I know…shocker, right? But it was very interesting to see what the next generation of OEL kids did when faced with predetermined subject matter from the faculty rather than just spinning off into their own fantasy lands. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Laurel Maury wrote to us with this note the other day:

SVA’s entering class this fall had more women than men for the comics/illustration major. 32 to 30.

That’s just crazy talk.


  1. I think it’s natural to see this since manga/animae is mainstream, and when I am in a book store like Borders, I always see either just girls reading, or more girls than guys.

    I think this is great as it will in the long run mean a broader range of comics being produced. I think people in the direct market are really kinda’ isolated from the reality of what the reality is of the general reading audience outside of the babymen shops.

    The animation classes teach in Philly are 50% women.