Time for a new teaser image from Marvel! Your word of the day is “Survive”.

So just what the ruddy deuce could this one be about? Well, Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker are the creative team here.

Hopeless previously worked on a secret solo series for Elsa Bloodstone team book called ‘Legion of Monsters’ for Marvel, but Morbius getting his own solo series means it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a sequel to that. Another theory is based around the fact that the creative team’s surnames are “Hopeless Walker”, which’d mean a new Marvel Zombies book. But I don’t think Marvel accept pitches based on vague puns.

For a serious guess, this could well be the title which replaces Rick Remender’s Secret Avengers as the main black-ops book in the Marvel Universe. Hopeless’ name also appears in the ‘Point One’ teaser poster Marvel put out recently, alongside a number of other writers. While many of the creatives working on that book were tied to a character fairly quickly, Hopeless was one of the people nobody could predict.

Most seem to be linking him to some kind of Nick Fury Jr series, but it’s hard to tell at this point. If he is doing something with former Marcus, then will this be Secret Warriors II? Or perhaps a straight-up relaunch of Secret Avengers? This is infuriatingly obtuse. Anybody have any ideas what this could be?