This afternoon saw a pretty massive shift in the state of Marvel Comics as author Brian Michael Bendis announced his departure from the X-Men franchise. The author first started his run with All-New X-Men #1 in 2012, and is closing out his time with the X-Men in the upcoming Uncanny X-Men #600 in May. While long runs with 90 issues are rare at Marvel Comics, Bendis planted his roots within the DNA of the X-Men team. This made readers think he was going to stay on the books longer. The upcoming Uncanny X-Men #600 see’s the last installment of the current X-Men run. CBR broke the news and conducted an exit interview with the writer. The interview contains essential information about the last issue. First off Bendis talks about departing from the series:

Over the course of the last few years, I will have written almost 90 issues of X-Men. That’s a good run! One of the best parts about being on X-Men was that I knew I was never going to hit Chris Claremont’s X-Men record, so I was free of whatever that is that drives such a thing.

Bendis also explains that the departure ties-in with the upcoming Secret Wars.


Then it was just like, what better place than “Secret Wars” to wrap things up on X-Men? You started with “Avengers Vs. X-Men,” and you wrap it up with “Secret Wars.” This is going to serve as a great launching pad for the next things that I wanted to do, which I really, really want to do. And as much as I really, really want to write X-Men I really want to do these things, too!

There are multiple artists for the upcoming issue:

Stuart Immonen is in. Chris Bachalo is in. Kris Anka is in, and Mahmud Asrar is also in. There are a couple more we’re waiting to hear back on, but Stuart, Chris, Kris and Mahmud were the major forces.

Bendis confirmed that the story is going to be a hefty comic:

So this is like a giant, 100-page book. It’s really cool.

Is Brian Michael Bendis leaving the X-Men to early? Or do you think his run is coming to a natural end with the upcoming Secret Wars. Let us know.


  1. Bendis is probably just cutting back on his workload. I don’t know how much work he has to do for his Powers TV show, but people tend to forget he’s also got a few indie books out in addition to all the titles he writes for Marvel.

  2. Arrggggh. That annoys me. Either put out #1 issues every two years, or use the real numbering, i.e. issue #600 but don’t do both!

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