By Davey Nieves

Marvel today announced another book in the cornfield of Secret Wars books already revealed. It’s not Punisher War Journal, it’s the entire Marvel Universe in Secret Wars Journal. The anthology spearheaded by editor Jake Thomas will feature some of Marvel’s most unconventional characters.

Thomas had this to say about the title, “We’ve got a Night Nurse—You heard me right, kids! Night Nurse!—story that is going to be killer, an intense X-Men story, a completely bonkers Misty Knight and Paladin tale. Honestly, there are times I can’t believe I’m getting away with this stuff.”

While the book is advertised as a creator driven series there was no word on exactly what creators will be involved or how many issues this limited series would run. Thomas did make it clear that the book would tie in “very directly” to the core Secret Wars books and still offer glimpses at parts of Battleworld no other books would touch.


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