Hm. Maybe it IS time to put the superhero genre on the shelf for a bit. Details are scant but it appears that there’s a new superhero movie on its way, directed by controversial helmer/pugilist Uwe Boll (BLOODRAYNE, POSTAL) and it’s called BLUBBERELLA:

“The first female fat superhero …
She will kick major ass – with her major ass …

All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!”

Sadly for such a big subject, all that we have for art is this tiny movie poster. But you know what they say — leave ’em wanting more.

The most surprising thing about the project? Stan Lee was NOT involved.


  1. I’m torn on this.
    On one hand, it’s a action comedy thus the jokes will be pointed at the character and I don’t care for that at all. But, on the other I say, why not? Comedy is an ice breaker for addressing social issues – and many find empowerment but taking control of their issues in media. That’s a far stretch but that’s what the *other side* of the coin would say. However, that would only hold true if it’s a real superhero parody (akin to fun with racial stereotypes in, “I’m gonna git you Sucka”, et.) and not a mean-spirited shock-jock film about obese people.

    On the other hand, you gotta admit, if Devine were alive today not one person would roll their eyes at that casting. It would be brilliant and I’d be first in line.

    But then… that’s the difference of the filmmaker, because Blubberella (I surmise) will be jokes about the character and not simply casting a unique character in an already funny movie; as Devine was.

  2. On the upside, if this does well enough, we could get a movie featuring The Blimp from DC’s INFERIOR FIVE series.

    Oh, and if Uwe Boll is reason enough to shelve an entire film genre, can we get him to direct a period film based on a Jane Austen novel? Or better yet, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl?

  3. Why is Uwe Boll still allowed to direct? He’ll ruin this movie, and Hollywood won’t put another large woman in the spotlight for 20 years because of it.

  4. “The first female fat superhero…”

    Didn’t Jim Shooter’s HARBINGER series for Valiant feature an overweight-but-cute flying superheroine? I recall it being a nice change to see such a different body type in comics, but IIRC, later in the series she lost the weight and became more of a typical rail-thin type. Sorta like Sara Rue…

  5. U have to be kidding, read a while ago that uli is getting better at making bad movies better, but this cracked me up. Jeez no rest 4 the wiked he uli. Tooo much cracking up help me blubberella aaargggghhhhhhh . ……… … .

  6. A few years ago, I picked up “Fat Free: the True Adventures of Supersize Woman!” because of the fantastic image of a fat superheroine on the cover.

    Sadly, the superhero bits were just a metaphor for the narrator overcoming her personal issues. I wanted supersized villain-punching!

  7. @ William Geroge = no, fat MEN are funny. Fat women are made FUN OF. Difference. :/

    Oh well, another reason to remind myself that by having characters, both male & female, of different body types in my own work (Dark Ivory), I’m changing this kinda thing, even if only by a few readers.

    ’cause a fat chick dressed all badass w/ swords is sure funny, isn’t it?

  8. @Eva

    re: “’cause a fat chick dressed all badass w/ swords is sure funny, isn’t it?”

    I’m thinking that’s rhetorical, but on the slim chance it isn’t, I’m gonna say “yes”.

  9. Somehow, I think this is going to lead to bbw porn parody. Hustler went furry with Avatar so what would stop them from going over three hundred pounds for a porn actress?