While pundits will argue for years over who was the bigger loser — the Patriots or Paula Abdul –there were movie trailers to tide us over.

Above, the new WANTED trailer displays an anorexic Angelina Jolie in full-on feral mode teaching James McAvoy the ropes of assassindom. Reactions; MIXED.

IRON MAN, however, continues to build huge buzz.

You can see the trailer in hi-def at the Apple site.


  1. don’t forget Jumpers, which is getting a book tie-in at Oni.

    I can’t think of a comics connection to Leatherheads, which made me think of HORSEFEATHERS, a far superior film I’m sure.

    WALL – E? How about Short Circuit III?

  2. I dunno… that WANTED movie has its wires crossed. The original story reveled in the sheer immorality of super-villains in charge. This movie seems to try to turn assassins into anti-heroes? Ummm…. yeah.

    IRON MAN looks like it’ll be the big popcorn movie. I really like Robert Downey as Tony Stark.

  3. “This movie seems to try to turn assassins into anti-heroes? Ummm…. yeah.”

    Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir already succeeded with THE DESTROYER paperback series. Now if only someone could produce a really good movie … since Hollywood seems to be cribbing ideas from the series every year.

  4. You are correct that Angelina looks terribly thin and unattractive. She looks too much like Ashley or Mary Kate. Jumpers does look pretty cool.