It’s that time of year when unpacking your travel kit becomes a complete non-necessity as con season looms. I’m actually scaling back a bit this year. With great regret, I’ve had to pull out of the Paradise Toronto Comicon, but they still have guests of honor Michael Golden, Terry Moore, Matt Wagner and Marv Wolfman as well as the second year of the Women of Comics symposium, so anyone else who doesn’t go is just missing out.

With all the work and non-work related travel I have coming up, it was a choice between sticking to my schedule and dying or cutting back and living, so it was pretty easy. (Between personal and con travel I would have had six weekend in a row essentially on the road.) I won’t be going to Heroes Con either, although that was all in the talking stages. My schedule for the next while looks like this:

May 31-June 3: BEA, Javits Center, NY, NY
June 23 – 24: MoCCA Art Festival 2007, The Puck Building, NY NY
July 25-29: Comic-con International, San Diego, SDCC, San Diego, CA

Up in the air: Chicago. I will probably be at Baltimore and SPX in September and October, respectively.

I had my first San Diego Anxiety dream of the season last night. It’s always the same: you can’t get a room, you can’t get a badge, you can’t get dinner, you can’t get in to the hall. In this dream I tried to hitchhike over an interstate to get to the badge pick-up, but ended up having to hike a mile in the heat and dust, and for some reason I was wearing an evening gown. Did this really happen? Not so far as I know. Yet.

BTW, I am still running the Elite Beat San Diego Hook Up service — my most important helper bees need a hotel room, other people need roommates, etc etc. My matchmaking is always top notch. If you are the kind of honest person who isn’t ebaying off a hotel reservation but instead wants to pass it along to people who need to be at the show, let me know.


  1. My dream involves missing my flight to San Diego and being stuck in Atlanta all weekend of Comic Con due to Thunderstorms. I eventually give up on Friday and go home.

    MOre seriously. I hope I can meet you at San Diego Comic Con. Maybe, that is more of a pipedream than reality.