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If you’ve noticed a bit of slacking here at CBM of late it’s because…well, it’s August and we’re slacking. Pretty simple. Call it the Summer Fun Blogging Hours. Not that we could have as much fun as Betty and Veronica are having in heir Summer Fun special, because that just isn’t possible, but we are attempting to wrest some fun out of this summer. Not that we’ve been to the beach yet — or will be going this summer — or been to PS 1, or done too much of anything usually deemed “summery.” But we’re trying, by God. We’re trying. Later this week we’re going on a sabbatical to Ultima Thule, but hopefully it will give us a chance to catch up and even work on a few longer pieces since based on our own observations, pretty much everyone else has Summer Fun on the mind, too.

In the spirit of the season, we will be posting more Summer Fun covers this week. Because they just don’t make them like that any more. The time when a comics anthology was a children’s companion on the long drive to the lake house are long gone. Today you’re more likely to see a grown man bringing some comics with him on the train. Such is progress.