It looks like sellouts aren’t just the province of the Big Event crew, as Image announces Diamond has sold out of the first issues of Jamie McKelvie’s fantasy SUBURBAN GLAMOUR.

Jamie McKelvie’s SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #1, hot off the heels of his critically-acclaimed mini-series PHONOGRAM, has officially sold out at the distribution level.

“SUBURBAN GLAMOUR is the first work I’ve done completely solo, following LONG HOT SUMMER with Eric Stephenson and PHONOGRAM with Kieron Gillen,” said series writer/artist Jamie McKelvie. “Writing and drawing on my own was initially nerve wracking, but news like this has me very excited.� I’m especially happy there’s a solid readership who will experience the story getting much stranger and far more dangerous for Astrid and company.”

SUBURBAN GLAMOUR is a four-issue modern day fantasy mini-series featuring a teenage girl, Astrid, whose world spirals out of control once her childhood imaginary friends turn out to be real. Her previously make-believe friends reveal themselves to be harbingers for a greater evil centered upon the hometown she’s eager to leave. The mini-series has already received high praise from such sources as FELL’s Warren Ellis.

Issue two hits in December.


  1. Well, cheers to Jamie for a successful solo launch. Let us note that this event severely inconveniences the argument from some quarters that 4-issue miniseries have fallen out of favor with readers.

    The lesson I take from this is that good promotion plus quality work still equals success.

  2. Cool, I liked the first issue but don’t plan on buying the rest. The art was excellent but for some reason it didn’t compel me to buy all four. Story was a little slow maybe?

  3. Hopefully this makes it to trade, cause I felt like Andy, only I checked it out and did not buy it.

    The art reminded me of someone who was trying to imitate Tomine and some other indie artists.

  4. doesn’t the significance of this news depend on how large the first printing was?

    i thought the book was okay. art reminded me of Rob Dobi. see his work at and