As promised, here are more photos of Stumptown: the comics festival and the parties that just won’t quit!

Annie Murphy and Virgina Paine of Sparkplug from Drink and Draw Like a Lady

Dark Horse’s Brendan Wright, The BEAT’s Jen Vaughn and Zack “draw it like you mean it” Soto

Top Shelf’s newest full-timer Chris Ross and his lady Leslie

Top Shelf‘s Brett Warnock pounding ice before mixing the most delicious drinks!

Dynamic Duo Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich signing at the Oni table

Studio JFish‘s Robin Bougart and Jason Fischer

Graham Annable sketching in a con book

Jon Lewis

Box Brown and Robin McConnell

Unicronomicon’s Catherine Peach and majestic unicorn.

Karaoke tri-force: Douglas Wolk, Kel McDonald of Sorcery 101, Miles Stokes of Dark Horse

The seedy underbelly of Portland: Kitty Glitter video poker. Robin McConnell is in its grasp.

IPRC Membership Coordinator and animator Lori D.

Christopher Green’s watercolor pouches o’ doom!

Sweeping Katie Shanahan off her feet!

Stumptown awards emcee “Fatboy” Roberts really pleased a young die-hard Sonic fan who had never touched a Sega Genesis before!

Jen Vaughn thinks everyone in Portland is part-rainbow. She also writes for a library situated in the mountains of Vermont.