200608020247§ The Vineyard Gazettecatches up with Jules Feiffer

This summer, he is doing just that. “At the moment, I’m unsuccessfully trying to learn how to draw a poodle,” he says. He is in the process of illustrating the second children’s book of his eldest daughter, Island writer Kate (he calls her Katie) Feiffer. He is illustrating the first book of his wife Jenny Allen, a woman who, like her husband, wears many hats – writer, actress, comedian. His first of nine children’s books, The Man in the Ceiling, a book that was selected by Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Public Library as one of 1995’s best children’s books, is being turned into a Broadway musical – another first – with script and lyrics by Mr. Feiffer. He is working on a memoir, two years late. And there is a show of his work on display at The Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York city.

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