§ Willem Dafoe has been cast as Tars Tarkas in the John Carter movie! BUt he only has TWO arms? What?

§ Heartbreaking news we’d long expected as Stephen Chow has dropped out of the Green Hornet movie. Guess he had bigger fish to fry.

§ Comics Alliance runs a mysterious photo of Gwyneth Paltrowin ‘Iron Man 2’ that doesn’t even look like Gwyneth Paltrow, along with possible interpretations.

Natalie-Portman§ The other day it was announced that Natalie Portman has been cast as Jane Foster in Kenneth Branagh’s THOR movie. Topless Robot had an irreverent observation:

Call me crazy, but I really didn’t need a token love interest in my Thor movie, especially Jane Foster. When you’re dealing with Norse mythology, you have access to Hela and Sif and the Valkyries. If you’re doing Marvel’s Thor, you also can use the Enchantress without shame. So why, when you have all these warriors and goddesses and sorceress would you decide to have some boring, plain-jane Earth nurse (no offense to nurses) who’s barely been in a handful of Thor comics, virtually none of them meaningful? Whatever.

We’re all for Hela and Sif, as long as they aren’t portrayed by Kim Kardashian and Aubrey O’Day.

§ Rick Remender’s FEAR AGENTmoves along the development path.

§ Commercial director Fredrik Bond has come aboard as director of the “Hack/Slash” adaptation.


  1. Even saying those two names in conjunction with Hela and Sif made me die a little inside. Let’s hope no execs or producers are googling the characters and come across this thinking, “Wow, what a great suggestion!”

  2. For the illiterate out there, Jane Foster was prominently featured in way more than the first hundred issues of JIM/Thor as chronicled by Lee and Kirby, up until the Wundagore saga. She helped Don Blake/Thor come to terms with what it means to be human. You can’t do more relevant than that. She is certainly more interesting than Sif when it comes to character development.

  3. Heh, I too immediately thought the Paltrow photo must be from a fashion spread, even though I didn’t see that issue of Vogue. It creeps me out a bit that even though I don’t read fashion mags other than at the hair salon, I still have the programming to recognize it for what it is, whilst the boys speculate wildly (and hilariously) about implants and emergency surgery. Sorry lads, it’s not about exciting cybernetic storylines, it’s just about selling expensive frocks and making the ladies self-conscious about their weight. I wish it was the former.

  4. @Willem Dafoe –
    He’s such a badass, he’ll grow two arms just for the role!

    @Natalie Portman –
    Kinda interested to see how she’s written. On one hand, she was written by Stan Lee as “The Girl” who longed to marry Don Blake and live in that house in the suburbs, and on the other hand, Thor always managed to show up to distract her from those longings.
    I just hope they don’t go the whole “Oh no! It’s Ragnarok!” schtick. There was plenty enough drama going on in those old Lee/Kirby stories without the end of the world always coming along…