• Another one of those mysterious comics that hasn’t been published yet is optioned to the gills, this time by the shingle run by former New Line heads Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne:

Warner Bros. has committed to develop “7th Son,” a drama based on a trio of graphic novels by J.C. Hutchins. Seven strangers, assembled after the assassination of the U.S. president, each realize they are the same man, with the same memories. Originally published as a digital download, the first novel, “Descent,” is being released in the fall by St. Martin’s Press. Justin Britt-Gibson is writing the script.

Hutchins’s website includes the opening line of the story:

The President of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy…

Yep, that’s how you get an option!

• Apparently, the trailer for WHITEOUT was up for a while yesterday, but Warner Bros. made everyone take it down because, gosh, you wouldn’t want to actually market the film, now would you?

UPDATE: Greg Rucka explains:

There’s a Whiteout trailer that’s apparently making the rounds at the moment. It is not the official movie trailer, but rather the teaser that WB put together for San Diego the year before last. It’s not bad, but it’s not the trailer.

• Splash Page chats with producer Don Murphy, who talks up the potential WE3 movie. No real developments on the adaptation of the Morrison/Quitely classic — a script and director are lined up but no studio — but it’s good to know the project isn’t dead.

• At io9, Charlie Jane Anders has a frustrating piece entitled 8 Superhero Movies That Broke The Mold (Please Copy Them!), to which we say PLEASE DON’T, because by Anders’ own admission more than half of them SUCKED. However, the sight of a still from WATCHMEN revealed to us that we liked that movie and would like to see it again, so some good was achieved.


  1. Whiteout trailer still up at http://bleedingcool.com/ (for now) I really hope they use a different v/o than the one they have. For the first two thirds, it seems like you’re going to watch an Antarctica documentary, and the narrator seems pretty bored by the thought himself!

  2. J.C. Hutchins is a podcast pioneer — I think he was the first to serialize his writings as podcast audio dramas for free before releasing them in printed novel form.

    I didn’t know he had optioned “7th Son” for a comic series, though. Or that he’s writing them, himself. Interesting. Maybe he’s serialize the comics to the iTunes App Store before releasing a print copy? ;-)

  3. I don’t know what the hell is going on with that Whiteout film…wasn’t it made like 5 years ago, but they simply refuse to finish/show it??? O.o