Alo Govnah! David Morrisey makes his eagerly awaited debut as the infamous Governor in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Walk With Me (Image via

While the 2nd episode of Season 3 of The Walking Dead dropped in the ratings from the first episode, it still topped the ratings for all non-sports related programming ratings ages 18 – 49. Andrew Lincoln talked to Fangoria this week about the progressive inhumanity of Rick Grimes and to TV GUIDE about Rick and Lori’s tenuous marital relations. While Norman Redus talked to CBR about the return of Merle and his possibly romantic, definitely FWB, developing relationship with Carol (via Deadline, Fangoria, TVGuide, and CBR)


 The first TV spot for the first of the three Hobbit movies dropped this week. The running time was also revealed. It is longer than the length of all hobbits present, past and future put together end to end across many storied fields of green… (via Spinoff Online and Empire Online)

The first Iron Man 3 full trailer also came out this week, as did the news that, although it went unmentioned in any of the presidential debates, the film is not only being financed by China but also being MADE IN CHINA, at least partially. Although none of the film’s action reportedly takes place there and that, apparently has nothing to do with the film’s reported central villian, The Mandarin (via Deadline and EW)

As Heidi reported earlier this week, Arrow has been picked up for a full season (via The Beat)

Kickass 2 Director, Jeff Wadlow, continued his twitpic-a-thon from the set with the intriguing image to the

A pic from the set of Kickass 2, tweeted by director, Andrew Wadlow (Image via Spinoff Online)

right. Additionally, Mark Millar, who is serving as a Producer on the sequel, let loose with some hint riddled knowledge over at his Millar Forums regarding some of Hit Girl’s fight sequences in the film (via Spinoff Online and

Millar, who is now serving as creative consultant to Marvel on all the X-Men movies, also said that X-Men Days of Future Past is going to be totally frikkin’ SICK, like X-Men meets Terminator SICK (via

Oh, and Jean Grey, as portrayed by Famke Jannsen, might be making a cameo appearance in X-Men Days of Future Past or in The Wolverine… No one can confirm which one because she’s being all, “No Comment,” about it (via

In other iconic Marvel love interest news, lovely ingenue, Shailene Woodley, is confirmed to be playing Mary Jane Watson in Spiderman 2 & 3, with her role presumably getting bigger in #3 for what everyone assumes can only foreshadow the death of Gwen Stacy (via THR)

And here is even more Marvel-related lady casting news: ER Alum, Ming-Na has signed on for Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. (via Deadline)

Sparkle on, yo – advance ticket sales for the second part of the final Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn Part 2, are breakin’ the rekkids previously set by the first part of the final Twilight installment (via Deadline)

Lastly, please enjoy this cannibal-riffic trailer for the Evil Dead reboot which is coming your way in April, 2013 (via Deadline)

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  1. How can DC make Arrow a clear cut MURDERER? He’s an out and out sociopath in the first episode. I’m disgusted. Nobody cares? The world is much worse than I thought. If these are the core values behind this entertainment, it’s not worth reading or discussing.


  2. An Unexpected Journey seems to comprise the first two-thirds of The Hobbit‘s story. I suppose that the characters’ arrival in Lake-town through Bilbo returning to The Shire could fill out the second movie (with some stretching), but I don’t know what they could possibly have left over to comprise the third one.

  3. Actually, that scroll they posted is old, back from when there were only two movies, I believe. They later went back and lopped off the end to indicate that now the first movie will just focus on the Misty Mountains. Movie two will probably be Mirkwood into Laketeown.

  4. ..Which I would add as speculation would be the natural point to go deep into all the Gandalf/Appendices material with both plot lines converging in movie 3.

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