Maybe possibly Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

by Shannon O’Leary

Is this Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night Returns? I dunno (daaammmnn that’s a long, unlovely, Un-Hathaway looking chin), but various outlets on  seem to think it could be and no official denouncement of the somewhat fake looking photo have been made… so we’ll see (via Ain’t It Cool)

Wonder Woman: It’s Complicated Speaking of the hot, female and super-powered, the internets are still a fussin’ and a feudin’ and generally having deep thoughts as to why a Wonder Woman movie or TV pilot can’t get made. With the David E. Kelley helmed NBC pilot officially not happening, we’re all still wondering why and what it could mean about feminism, Warner Brothers and ourselves. But circulate what’s quite possibly a dude (albeit kind of a gender neutral hot one) in a catwoman outfit and everybody goes batshit. But at the end of the day, Wonder Woman’s status for now and the near future remains “It’s Complicated” (via The Beat)

Legendary Films names Joel Chiodi EVP of Branding and Social Marketing Chiodi joins Legendary straight from his position as VP of Marketing at the NFL. Moving from one kind of man in tights to another, at Legendary, he’ll be tasked with “reaching the fandom demographic through social media, digital strategies, promotions and events.” Legendary, a 50X50 partner with Warner Brothers on such projects as 300, Jonah Hex and The Dark Night and The Dark Night Rises, announced last year that they would be opening an in house graphic novel department.  I, for one, am curious to see how the footballing social media director will use said graphic to reach the fandom demographic as he sees it. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

NOT COMICS New US Torchwood Trailer looks A-MAY-ZING! Check it (via The Chicago Tribune)

KINDA COMICS Twilight is your new cable hell movie, if you’re an HBO subscriber, that is. And if you are, due to an an exclusive five-year output deal that Twighlight’s production company, Summit Entertainment, made with HBO, Twighlight and other Summit productions, like The Hurt Locker, will be shown exclusively on HBO after leaving the theaters. Sparklevamps! Filling up your dead air time on a Saturday night. The deal will start as soon as Summit’s current output deal with Showtime ends.  (via Deadline)

New XMen First Class TV ad looks retro-licious Checkity check it (via io9)

Robert Kirkman implies that TV Shane will never die Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator and Executive Producer to its AMCTV Series tells TV Guide, “We’re adapting stuff directly from the comic book, but Shane is going to screw it up,” he says, noting that Hershel’s farm will play a major role in Season 2. “What does Shane’s presence do to change what happened on the farm and how they existed on the road? It’s exciting to see what his character will do to muck up things.” (via TV Guide)

Hollywood plays comics adaptation musical chairs. AKIRA director, Albert Hughes, is leaving the highly anticipated live action adaptation the classic anime (and one of the first of one of the first English translated mangas) (via Deadline), while speculation runs, if not rampant, then speculat-y on the shortlist of directors being considered for the upcoming Wolverine sequel (via IGN Movies)


  1. The more I look at the first season of Walking Dead the more I’m disappointed by it. I keep comparing it to A Game of Thrones. Both have a ton of source material, complicated relationships, lots of characters, etc. Yet with Walking Dead they’ve thrown away so much of what I loved about the original in favor of cliched, flat characters and change for change’s sake.

    A Game of Thrones, meanwhile, has stayed very close to the source material, added just a few changes to flush things out a bit, and is making for a show that I am really, truly loving to watch every week in spite of knowing what’s going to happen.

  2. @Caged Wisdom

    Two things:

    1) Game of Thrones is brillz. All nerds agree on this.

    2) I agree that, as described by Kirkman, making Shane into the guy who f’s everything up has the potential to further flatten an already somewhat flat character at this point, as well as weaken a strong existing storyline from the comic book canon.

  3. Yeah. I’m hoping that season 2 of Walking Dead fixes some of the adaptation problems of season 1. Also they don’t have to drag it out that much.

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