101608 Spiritposter
A new SPIRIT poster has been released. This does NOT mean you can turn the comments into another “It doesn’t look like Eisner!” fest, kids. Been there, done that, blogged it.

§ The SLEEPER movie, based on the Brubaker/Phillips comic of the same name, has a writer. His name is Brad Ingelsby. Other names involved: Producer Sam Raimi. In addition, the name Tom Cruise is popping up as a potential star.

§ U.S. has growing appetite for French TV, says The Hollywood Reporter, in an account of how Gallic TV show are being picked up in the US, including tv shows based on comics, like XIII.

§ PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is coming up, whether we like it or not, and this Italian website interviews director Lexi Alexander, who discovered that websurfing could teach valuable lessons:

On one occasion the folks at Marvel made me aware that something I was about to do was too close to the 2004 version. I think it was a specific line from the comic book I wanted to use. I’m glad they kept an eye on that, but essentially we had very little in common with the 2004 version from the get go. The great thing about a reboot is, you can learn from the past if you care enough. I obviously watched the previous version, but I didn’t critique it and just crossed my fingers that I can do it better. I spent weeks on the computer, reading reviews and fan reactions about it. It was pretty damn clear what the fans liked and didn’t like about it. I basically had a road map for this reboot written by proper Punisher fans and the headline was: “Don’t go to Tampa!” [Tampa was the location for the 2004 “Punisher”].


  1. H, if you stopped putting up all the crappy SPIRIT move stuff, people would stop putting out what a horrible trainwreck it is likely to be. :>

  2. So, with the Punisher, third time’s the charm?

    In Hollywood, nobody knows anything. On the Internet, everybody thinks they know everything. I’m gonna see “The Spirit” when it comes out, just so I can judge it.

    Punisher? No. No opinion, no desire.

  3. I don’t see what everyone is so worked up about concerning the last Punisher movie-

    I mean, who wouldn’t have want to been in Thomas Jane’s shoes when he set John Travolta on fire?

    Or any other Scientologist for that matter?