It was a busy weekend for us here at The Beat with NYCC news aplenty. As you can imagine, a healthy dose of entertainment news was announced there. We won’t double dip – though that does mean this Tuesday’s SCR may be a bit sparser than usual. But nevertheless, we forge onward! Outside of the con doors, No Time to Die saw its first official poster release, Harry Shum Jr. landed a starring role in the next movie to break your heart, The Crown creator signed on for a very lucrative Netflix deal and Jeff Daniels exits stage right for his next TV role.

(Plus like one MAYBE two NYCC announcements we missed.)

And a couple snack-sized headlines, ICYMI.

  • Tom Hanks, the omnipresent orator, is set to receive the Golden Globes 2020 Cecil B. DeMille award on January 5. The honorary award recognizes recipients for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.” Hanks joins fellow honorees of years past including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Martin Scorsese, and Barbra Streisand.
  • What’s being called TV’s first premium TV western, Boley, is in development now at Universal Television with Dianne Houston (When We Rise, Empire, Take the Lead) attached to write. She’ll be working form the true story of a town called Boley Oklahoma; a Black utopia founded in 1904. The show begins a few decades later, after the town had established itself, and its tranquility. Notorious gangster Pretty Boy Floyd comes in to ruin things for the people of Boley and the townsfolk have no choice but to take up arms. For context as to just how prosperous Boley was, remember that it was coming up in the Depression-era, but still, it thrived. Look for more on this show soon as it’s still in the early stages for the time being.

No Time to Die finds the right time to drop a new poster on James Bond Day

no time to die poster
Daniel Craig’s classic smolder in the NO TIME TO DIE poster.

On James Bond Day (this past Saturday), the official 007 Twitter account revealed the first poster for No Time to Die; the upcoming sequel in the James Bond franchise. The occasion also marks the 57th anniversary of the first ever Bond movie, Dr. No. 

In this first look at the production, it seems at first glance that there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about other than Daniel Craig in his signature tux’. Not to worry, though, there is some new info here. The poster reveals that we can expect No Time to Die April of next year; on the 3rd in the U.K. and on the 8th here in the States.

No Time to Die, notably, will also be the first Bond flick to be distributed by Universal Pictures, as Columbia’s contract with the sultry expired after 2015’s Spectre. It follows Craig as a retired spy, trying to enjoy the little things, only to be called back into the game for the notorious One Last Run to rescue the scientist, thwart the villain and save the day.

Harley Quinn’s animated TV is hardly a month away

harley quinn animated

Let’s take a minute to address the harlequin in the room: Harley Quinn – the animated series that is. DC announced that the mature audiences series will be available exclusively on its streaming service beginning on November 29.

Harley Quinn stars Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco as crown princess of crime with executive producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, who made the release date announcement themselves over at the con. Despite this weekend begin the premiere of Joker, it seems DC wants folks thinking of his better half instead. Last week saw the release of four Birds of Prey posters (that were really Harley posters) and the movie’s first official trailer.

Also announced at the panel was the promise of BizarroTV, which was described as: “A showcase of experimental styles and creative voices and visions that will be a mix of live action and animation; deep cuts from the DC portfolio of characters such as Space Cabbie, Ambush Bug, Slam Bradley and the Creeper.”

Crazy Rich Asians lands a leading role for another member of its cast

harry shum jr.
Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Harry Shum Jr., who appeared as Charlie Wu in the back half of Crazy Rich Asians, is slated to star in Universal’s All My Life. It’s a romance flick based on the true story of Jenn Carter and her husband Solomon Chau; a couple who’s wedding plans are derailed by the tragic news that Chau has been diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, spoilers for real-life and All My Life – but the two begin a GoFundMe to throw their dream wedding, it goes swimmingly and then, just four months later, Chau loses his battle to cancer and no, I am not crying onto my keyboard, but this movie does also star Jessica Rothe (La La Land, Happy Death Day) as Carter.

Shum Jr., aside from his Crazy Rich Asians role, also worked on Glee for a whopping six seasons in a starring role. He later jumped to Freeform for a starring role in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

He and Rothe will be working with My Friend Dahmer director Marc Meyers and a script from Todd Rosenberg. The production side of things is being handled by Todd Garner and Sean Robins with their Broken Road Productions banner with Universal’s Sara Scott and Lexi Barta.

Netflix signs on The Crown creator for a major overall deal

the crown

Peter Morgan, creator of Netflix’s The Crown, has signed onto an overall film and TV deal with the streamer. Announced on Friday, the news pairs up nicely with the upcoming November 17 release date for the Golden Globe winning show’s third season.

Morgan, who’s brought a handful of awards home thanks to his work on The Crown, is now signed on to write three more seasons of the show, along with some of his own feature films set outside the royal drama.

According to Deadline, the deal is the result of months of negotiations. In the entertainment world, Brits like Morgan are a particularly hot commodity at the moment, considering they accounted for over half of this year’s Emmy winners. That said, Netflix was so desperate for the drinkers of that delicious U.K. water that it agreed to pay Morgan more than eight figures to ink this overall deal.

See if it pays off when the third season of The Crown hits Netflix next month.

Jeff Daniels heads from the stage back to the small screen for his role as former FBI director James Comey

jeff daniels
Photo by Neil Grabowsky / Montclair Film / Wikimedia Commons

Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom, The Looming Tower) is making his way back to small screens to star in a CBS Studios Event Mini as ex-FBI director James Comey. The Monday news comes just after Daniels’ stint on Broadway’s To Kill a Mockingbird with Aaron Sorkin, in which he played Atticus Finch.

For the four hour miniseseries based on Comey’s NYT bestseller, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, Daniels will explore Comey’s role in events ranging from Bush administration policies to Clinton investigations and even in more recent events involving Trump and Russia – all leading up to (spoiler for the actual life of James Comey and also for U.S. politics) his being fired by Trump in 2017.

Daniels is joined by Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter/adapter Billy Ray, who you may remember from his previous works Captain Phillips, Shattered Glass, and The Hunger Games. Not only will he be working directly from Comey’s A Higher Loyalty, he’s also spoken with a handful of FBI agents, journalists, government officials and even Comey and his family.

The crew is planning to beginning filming the yet-to-be titled miniseries sometime in November.

Now a brief excursion to trailer town

Another NYCC reveal here as Outlander charges onwards with a trailer for its upcoming fifth season. The STARZ show returns to small screens on February 16 of 2020 as the cast is reunited after a decades-long separation and struggles with the thought that, with their knowledge of the future, they may be playing god.

Alright ya vultures, that’s a wrap for this week! If you want more – and trust me, there’s plenty – check out The Beat’s extensive NYCC coverage from this weekend. That should be more than enough to tide you over until Edward Douglas returns to the Studio Coffee Run offices this Friday with more of his illustrious entertainment coverage.


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