§ At the 300 junket, Zack Snyder (above, in white shirt) gives a WATCHMEN update.

I set the movie in 1985 and I have the luxury of being far enough away from 1985 so that that is a viable idea. I think what happened in the past was that when you’re only five years away from 1985, it’s a weird time to make a period piece that took place three years ago, but studios don’t get that. There has been a push I think on the other scripts that exist about trying to update the movie or trying to make it take place in present day and things of that nature. I think by setting it 1985, by having the Cold War, having Nixon, having all that stuff, you sort of reinvigorate what the story is about. It allows all the metaphors to sort of erect. But, if you set the movie in modern times, you’re basically saying it’s the war on terror right is the thing. Then the movie is asking me, “oh Zack, what do you think of the war on terror? What’s your take on it?” Who gives a f**k about what I think about the war on terror? That’s not why people go to the movies. I think that what Alan in his book, the comment he’s made about authority and government and all those things, maybe if you make that movie right what that has to say makes people think about what’s happening maybe now or in their own lives. That’s my hope for what the movie could be.

Rthj5F§ This is a bit old, but we’ll take any excuse to post a picture of Ryan Reynoldswho explains he still feels an affinity for The Flash:

Now that David Goyer’s left ‘The Flash’ project does that mean you’re off the project as well?
Um, you know I was never officially on the project so…it’s just something that most of the fan boys have felt like there’s a strong similarity between Ryan Reynolds and Wally West. So, I certainly know of Wally and have read all the comic books and I’d love to jump in there and play him. I don’t know where the direction of the Flash is going to go from here though. Shawn Levy is taking it over and they may decide that Barry Allen is the one that they want in there, an older version of the Flash, and that is something that I wouldn’t be interested in playing. But if it was Wally I would definitely be curious.

§ Speaking of buff, Nicolas Cage got so cut people thought he was juicin!

Take Nicolas Cage, the stars of the new Marvel comic adaptation of Ghost Rider. Cage desired a rock hard body, bulging biceps and cut abdominal muscles to play the comic’s hero, motorcycle stunt superstar Johnny Blaze. A year before Cage arrived in Australia he endured five hour a day gym sessions to reshape his body. When filming began in Melbourne the 43 year old Oscar winner used down time on set to keep up the regime. While the film crew set up new shots, Cage would slip away and torture his body with a ‘high aerobic impact’ workout. Cage’s muscular physical appearance was so extreme producers had to quash speculation Cage’s muscles were not natural, but the result of special effects.

§ And speaking of working out, dear, dear Gerard Butler (seen at the top of the page) details the hazards he endured getting into loin-cloth worthy shape for 300: a groin pull and chafed thighs. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP.

Gerard said: “I pulled my groin then got drop foot -my foot was flopping around for six days. “I damaged my shoulders from overdoing it and I suffered from chafing – my thighs were too big. I should have worked less on them.”

[snip]It has been touted as the most violent film ever and Gerard trained for months to master the fight styles and weapons. He said: “I was training before the movie started with two different guys. I loved it but it was intense. There was a lot of bodybuilding and a more aerobic side with swords and spears. “That went on for months and we’d be doing it between shots, too. But it was a lot of fun, especially the early days, when we were all pretty s*** at it.

He also reveals: “I haven’t been in a gym since we stopped. I have no wish to do so for a while either. I spent four months on a massage table after shooting.” Sniff, sniff. Gerry, think of your fans…think of…ME.

§ Okay here’s some non beefcake related news the 2008 comic book movie slate is shaping up to be pretty strong::

Universal Pictures has announced release dates for some of the studio’s biggest films in 2008.

The studio will release graphic novel adaptation Wanted, starring James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, on March 28, 2008. The movie is currently in that spot by itself.

Universal has moved The Incredible Hulk away from Disney/Pixar’s WALL• E and up two weeks to June 13, 2008. There is also no competition on that date yet.

On July 11, 2008, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz are expected to return for The Mummy 3. It is currently scheduled up against Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder, which DreamWorks also just moved into that spot.

A week later, on July 18, the studio has put Mamma Mia!, the big screen version of the musical to star Meryl Streep. It will face Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight.

Sequel Hellboy 2: The Golden Army has been targeted for August 1, 2008 with no competition yet.


  1. Heidi,

    Just a quick note to say that your DDGB (Dear, Dear Gerard Butler) reference never fails to make me laugh out loud. Thanks for keeping things light and fun while still relevant.

    Mad, another GB afficionado looking forward to March

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  2. Heidi,

    You forgot Iron Man – May 2 – At least that’s what I think the release date is.

    Jeez, I worked at Paramount at the time when they announced it. I didn’t think my memory would detoriate this fast.