A new convention is in town, but it’s not technically “in town”; it’s on your computer. Virtual Fan Expo is planned for Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, and it promises to be a good time. The con offers panels, Q & A’s, celebrity appearances and access to a wide array of exhibitors and vendors. Virtual Fan Expo seems to offer the con experience without actually forcing you to be surrounded by people and all their potential germs.

The expo “floor” will be held on Auxxit, a virtual marketplace. Collider will stream certain segments and give access to exclusives on its website. The con is also backed by Legion M, which declares itself as the first fan-owned entertainment company. According to the press release, which was dated April 6th, more details are coming soon.

The people behind this new event seem extremely enthusiastic about its potential. Bernie Bregman, director of business development and talent acquisitions at Experience Level Entertainment, said, “We’re launching Virtual Fan Expo as an exciting, revolutionary con experience that best replicates ‘being there’ without compromising anyone’s health, well-being or need to leave home. Above all, we’re enabling a deep, inclusive and meaningful sense of community for pop culture fans hungry for fun and engaging social opportunities currently stolen by the global pandemic.”

With so many cons being either postponed or outright canceled due to the pandemic, it seems this new type of con is coming just in the nick of time for fans. It’s also coming through for vendors and exhibitors who must be hurting in the now dried-up convention season. Even San Diego Comic Con is in danger of being shut down, with the San Diego Convention Center being turned into a shelter for the homeless.

Virtual Fan Expo joins a host of other virtual conventions, with #ECCCOnline having been held in March. Vault also had its own virtual con in March. Maybe more cons, including smaller conventions or even the bigger ones, will follow suit if this goes on much longer. Until then, Virtual Fan Expo seems to promise a fun time and hopefully it delivers.