Jim Rugg’s and Brian Maruca’s Street Angel has actually been around over 10 years. It goes back to mini-comics and Slave Labor Graphics and is currently being released as a series of 40 page hardcover graphic albums.  The latest album, Superhero for a Day, is due out in October and finds our homeless teenage orphan skateboard riding, ninja-fighting heroine discovering an alien artifact.

Official PR follows:

Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez knows the pressure of being the girl who always saves the day. It’s just who she is. But when she and her friends find a powerful alien artifact, they learn that being a superhero is not all fun and games. Is this an extraterrestrial plot to destroy their middle school friendship or a gift from above that Jesse can pawn for a hot dog?

“Although Street Angel is the toughest superhero ever, her stories don’t look like traditional superhero comics,” said Rugg. “In STREET ANGEL: SUPERHERO FOR A DAY, we finally see Jesse with Angel City’s other champions—and we see how she responds when her role in her circle of friends is threatened. It’s an exciting, new take on the superhero genre, guaranteed to shake up the status quo like Watchmenand Dark Knight did generations ago.”

This October, Eisner Award-winner Jim Rugg (The PLAIN JanesAfrodisiac), Brian Maruca (Afrodisiac), and Image Comics present the biggest, most epic STREET ANGEL yarn yet.

STREET ANGEL: SUPERHERO FOR A DAY (Diamond code: AUG170741, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0553-3) arrives in comic book stores Wednesday, October 25th and bookstores Tuesday, October 31st. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, September 4th.

“STREET ANGEL shows girls that they can be anything they want to be, including someone who saves the world and fights injustices, one bad guy at a time. She also defies female stereotypes right and left, and that is pretty darn cool.”
—Cindy Whitehead, founder of Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

“STREET ANGEL is pure, unadulterated punk.” —Multiversity Comics

“Jim Rugg’s art is a real treat. It’s simple and bold and seems to adapt to the individual scenes in the story.” —Comic Bastards

“Jesse Sanchez is my new favorite comic book character. Great middle school dialogue and the battle scenes will blow your mind!”
—Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL, Tuki)

“STREET ANGEL remains as charming, inventive, and pitch-perfect as it was in the beginning. An indie-comics classic!”
—Hope Larson (Compass South, Batgirl)