The very unlikely news that notorious recluse and legendary artist Steve Ditko would be attending the London Super Con has now been announced to be false:


Basically Comicconventions.com and Millarworld picked up on a FAKE press release and Bleeding Cool ran it as fact.

Sorry, kids.


  1. Bleeding Cool ran it as fact?

    The headline was “Steve Ditko To Attend London Super Comic Convention Next Year?” (Note the question mark.) The article attributes the report to the UK Comic Conventions website, much is made of the fact that Ditko is something of a recluse with no interest in engaging the industry, and the last line starts with “If this is true …” Seems like a fairly skeptical (if overly hopeful) repost to me.

    They did misspell Stephen King’s first name, though.

  2. An imaginary convention appearance? And so we see Steve Ditko continue to be thrust, resisting, into the spotlight? Time to leave him alone fellas.

  3. Announcement:

    Steve Ditko and I will be co-hosting the big comic book, TV and Movie themes sing-along at New York’s famed Hustler Club (36st & 11th Ave) this Friday night @ 10:30. Steve and I will be playing (and singing along w/ you) all the great ones – including 60s TV themes: Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron Man, Thor, etc. Steve will do Spider-Man sketches for the first lucky 1,000 in the door.

    Be there ..or be square!

  4. HA @ Horatio

    Steve Ditko is also proud to announce his new reality show on Discovery, “Of Course I’m Still Alive, Fanboy!”
    The weekly series will follow the old artist around NYC as he tells homeless panhandlers to get a job, and writes Stan Lee’s home phone number on the walls of public restrooms across the five boroughs, and yet still putting in 18 hour days making SOME OF THE GREATEST COMIX EVER that sadly, less than 500 readers are following with any regularity.

  5. Just in:

    Steve Ditko – not Clint Eastwood – will appear as the (much speculated about) surprise speaker @ the Republican National Convention tomorrow night.

  6. Also:

    He has partnered w/ largest banks and multi-national corporations to launch STEVE DITKO MEDIA. The company says it will present stories w/ no point of view – all created by committees.

  7. Earth-2 Chad: That’s the second version of the story. The first version of the story ran it as fact and didn’t credit where it was sourced from. The second version suddenly had sources, pointing out how other sites got it wrong, but not BC.

  8. @george

    After watching how the GOP backed Bush 2, the biggest socialist in history, I don’t accept that the GOP believes in anything.

  9. But ya know, it truly bugs me how much the political right have laid claim to Rand, and how she herself was warped by Conservative followers in her later years. If you actually read her fiction, Capitalists were the bad guys. If a real John Galt today were to begin calling all of the great thinkers to join his hidden paradise, the rest of the world be damned, NeoCon Capitalists would be first in line to call in the strikebreakers. In that same vein and with all due respect, Ditko is clearly not the greedy Capitalist that Randians today swear by. Obviously. Like the heroes of Rand’s original fiction, it’s about the work itself, nothing that follows or satellites it. Committing an excellence performance is more important than making bank. Creating a fine product is the goal, not the money that may come from it. Otherwise, Producers are just another kind of Looter, working only to get the money from consumers.

  10. Producers are just another kind of Looter, working only to get the money from consumers.


    @Richard Caldwell:

    I don’t know about “LOOTER” — I guess somebody, anybody, who is doing a job solely to make money, and bringing no moral vision of any sort to the process, while doing no empirical harm, is to me, just a “HACK”.

    There are other people who, in their zeal to enrich themselves, actually use their creativity, usually fueled by a bitterness they don’t understand, to take advantage of the ignorance of others – and these people often seem to get so caught up in their short-sighted schemes that they don’t care how many people they get killed or otherwise diminish – I call them, THE BAD GUYS.

  11. “..these people often seem to get so caught up in their short-sighted schemes that they don’t care how many people they get killed or otherwise diminish..”

    @horatio weisfeld:

    Hey Horatio:

    Don’t you often find yourself concluding that they’re actually ALL about the DIMINISHMENT ?


  12. And diminishment? Bleeding an onion, man.


    Not following that exactly- but where I’m coming from:

    I was interested by a recent statement from actor Frank Langella: “someone trying to diminish me is one thing I am no longer willing to tolerate.”

    I thought about this for awhile and decided Langella is very right .. you maybe high or you maybe low – but nobody should be trying to bring you lower & I believe this goes right back to what you find in Rand’s books- when you think about what her BAD GUYS are trying to do to everyone around them.

  13. @Horatio
    Instead of Looter, insert co-dependent (as opposed to self-dependent). That help?

    @Richard Caldwell

    Yeah. thinking about it – think so.
    Thanks / :)

  14. In that respect, I think they must teach “How to Diminish the Obstacles in Your Path to Holy Righteousness” in all-girls’ schools.

    Based on past experiences.



    The closing words of empirical standards suggest that correct you may be in regard to your all-girls’ schools observations (perhaps I will visit such places myself to verify what you say) .. otherwise, this one still sees no true reason to dismiss what appears a sound standard from the aforementioned thespian.