Via PR, we learn that the 1958 TV series based on Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon comic strip about pilots and adventure is coming out on DVD:

After 50 years in the hangar, the entire series (34 episodes) of the classic 1958 Air Force-centric television series Steve Canyon has been meticulously restored and is being released on DVD in its entirety for the very first time.
Based on the iconic newspaper comic strip of the same name, which ended a 41-year syndicated run in 1988 with the passing of its legendary creator, Milton Caniff, the acclaimed television series – the most expensive and realistic show of its era – has been revived and updated to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its debut.
The series is being released in three volumes titled The Complete Steve Canyon on TV, with the first volume hitting the streets Nov. 18.

Volume 1, which retails at $24.95, features the first 12 episodes of the series, in their correct running order, plus a few specially-selected extras.

Volume 2, containing the next 12 episodes, is scheduled to be released 60-90 days later. Volume 3 will follow 60-90 days after that, and will feature the final 10 episodes of the series, the uncut pilot show, and a variety of special extras. These include documentaries of the star Dean Fredericks and the history of the show. As an added bonus, Volume 3 will also include a full-color, custom collectors slipcase designed to hold all three volumes.

DVDs can be ordered at http://stevecanyondvd.blogspot.com, and may soon be available through certain selected retail outlets.


  1. This looks cool. Can anybody, that has seen this, give a review? I’m thinking of ordering this, but know nothing about it. Is the show well done? Is it filmed outside with actual aircraft? Is it an action show or more a drama? Anybody that has information, I love to hear your views.

  2. In the closing hour of Comic-Con this year, there was panel for the Steve Canyon TV show. I saw two episodes from the series and enjoyed them enough to pre-order the first DVD volume. Based on those two episodes, I’d call it a drama.

  3. The Steve Canyon television series was undertaken with the full support of the US Air Force and as a result everything used in the series (props, gear, costumes, equipment, and aircraft) was absolutely real USAF issue. Aviation historians prize the TV series as a sort of small reference ‘time capsule’ of flight gear for the late 50s in use at that time. The series is (as pointed out by another individual) a situational drama, set amidst authentic backdrops (somewhat along the same lines of story development set by cartoonist Milt Caniff in the newspaper strips). Some of the stories are a bit schmaltzy, but they are always entertaining and a number of now well-known Hollywood stars appeared in them (as young, unknown actors). I have the ‘Steve Canyon TV Series test DVD’ containing 4 episodes that was released last year in advance of this formal series release and found it great fun. Back in the late 50s, when the series aired, I was a teenager and watched the TV episodes faithfully, being a big aviation fan. Steve Canyon was an important icon for me and my aviation-minded friends at the time. This new DVD series release of 3 volumes is an absolutely mandatory acquisition for any aviation person, and for those who grew up in the early TV era of the 50s and 60s.