By Joe Grunenwald

A veteran of the Iraq war, an undercover FBI informant, and a machine that can record a person’s dying memories. These are just some of the things readers will find in Re-Mind, the latest series from Titan Comics’s Statix Press imprint being previewed exclusively as part of Statix Week here on The Beat.

From Belgian writer Alcante (Pandora’s Box) and Italian illustrator Andrea Mutti (Rebels: These Free and Independent States), Re-Mind tells the story of John Geb, an army veteran protecting his coma-stricken son from FBI agents who want him dead, but only so they can recover his knowledge of a future terrorist plot using the Re-Mind Machine, a device that can record a person’s memories as they’re dying.

Re-Mind has previously been published internationally as an original graphic novel, and Statix Press is bringing the series to English-reading audiences for the first time, publishing the book as individual, US-sized issues prior to trade collection.

Your exclusive first look at the cover and some of the translated interior pages, as well as the official series description, are below. Don’t forget to check out Re-Mind when it hits stores in August 2018.

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John Geb, Iraq vet, has had a troubled relationship with his son, Ethan, in recent years. But rather than being the slacker John thought he was, Ethan has been helping the FBI uncover a terrorist plot, a mission which put him in a coma.

The FBI are racing against the clock to find out what Ethan discovered on his last investigation, with Agent McKee on hand with the latest technology. The Re-Mind machine downloads a person’s memories into a film – but only on their deathbed. The FBI are willing to sacrifice Ethan to save the lives of millions, but John has other plans…