We are on our final day of Statix Week here at The Beat. Statix will likely announce some new titles at Angoulême next week, but we’ve got one for you right here, right now. This April, Statix will be releasing Season of the Snake, a brand-new comic series from French science-fiction writer Serge Lehman. With art from Jean-Marie Michaud, Season of the Snake is “set in a future where interplanetary transport has evolved and distant star systems can be easily reached” according to Statix.

While short on details at this stage, Statix explains that the epic tale features “sentient hive minds, arbors, and armored, pregnant heroes.”

Lehman’s previous work in comics includes The Chimera Brigade, which brought together a group of super-powered Europeans (and a US contingent including alternate universe versions of The Shadow, Superman, and Doc Savage) in the manner of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Also promising is the fact that Lehman’s science-fiction novel F.A.U.S.T. won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (a speculative-fiction award) in 1998.

Statix Brand Manager Chris Thompson called Season of the Snake “a mind-blowing sci-fi epic in the tradition of The Incal and Dune, by way of The Fifth Element.

That would explain the dizzying visuals you can see for yourself in our five-page preview below, which includes the opening page of the series which you won’t see anywhere else. The series also boasts a cover by Simon Roy. 

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