We hadn’t really been paying too much attention to the casting for the new STAR TREK MOVIE — it sounded quirky but interesting for the most part. (Simon Pegg? This IS a comedy, right?) That is, until it was announced that Beat Favorite Karl Urban would be playing Dr. “Bones” McCoy. OF course we are big fans of Karl’s sturdy work in a variety of genre films, but just how does a hunky Kiwi become a sardonic Southern gentleman sipping a mint julep? Will Karl get to say “It’s dead, Jim!”? Now that would be a capper to anyone’s career.

Then we noted that Eric Bana plays the villain in the movie, someone named Nero. Hm, perhaps J.J. Abrams will find it in his heart to script a scene where McCoy and Nero must have a fight to the death in a steam bath. Wearing towels, of course. Or not. THAT would be make this the finest Star Trek movie ever, in our studied opinion.