Welp, there goes another icon. In a long report, The Daily Mail reveals that Stan Lee, the 95 year old living legend, is being accused of sexually harassing the 24/7 nursing staff that he previously employed.

Comic book legend Stan Lee has been hit with several allegations of sexual assault and harassment by nurses caring for him at his Hollywood Hills home, can reveal.

The Marvel creator, 95, is alleged to have repeatedly groped and harassed a string of young female nurses employed to care for him.

He is said to have asked for oral sex in the shower, walked around naked and wanted to be ‘pleasured’ in the bedroom.

The nursing company which employs the women and caters for celebrities and high end clients is now in a legal dispute with icon Lee, has learned.

Lee’s spokesperson claims that this is a blackmail shakedown. While Lee has not been accused of being handsy in the past, his wife of 70 years died last year, and he has employed a new nursing service this year, who claim he is a perfect gentleman.

The charges are especially startling given that in recent months Stan, although still spry, has appeared so frail that a gust of wind could blow him down.

If you get through the whole story, there is a solid report that Max Anderson, the founder of Stan Lee Collectibles, and a frequent Lee companion on the road, is a known abuser with a 2002 felony conviction for beating and injuring his wife. He spent a year in jail for the crime and was also found guilty of abusing his son in 2010. Anderson is said to have threatened the nurses and he seems a creepy dude to be involved with in any way.

The Daily Mail is the National Enquirer of UK tabloids, so a little salt grain should be thrown on all this, but it’s perhaps the saddest story I’ve ever written here on The Beat.


  1. Stan Lee is a 95 year-old man. I don’t claim to be a doctor, nonetheless his doctor, but it wouldn’t surprise me if his mental facilities are… no longer at their finest, as most people I’ve encountered over the age of 85 or so. Sometimes people just need to be let be. Let us remember them as they were, not as they are now.

  2. Yeah, dates are important here. Any person spending a little time in old people caring houses knows that when old guys turn very old, all hell breaks loose and they completly loose sight of what is correct or not. You can’t blame an old guy for being old.

  3. I like how the article states right upfront “Welp, there goes another icon” Then at the end it tells us the Daily Mail is a tabloid….. A+ for Bleeding cool type news. You should be proud.

  4. “The Daily Mail is the National Enquirer of UK tabloids, so a little salt grain should be thrown on all this” — how about more like a *lot* of salt.

    No one in this country puts any credibility in the Enquirer with their over-the-top, pro-Trump bias and headlines that scream alt-right fantasies about “Hillary’s wild, swinging sex life”. Similarly, the UK’s The Daily Mail has never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Even Wikipedia declared the Mail “unreliable” and has banned them as a source last year.

    It’s important to hear about women being sexually harassed, now that they have finally been given the opportunity to be believed. And it’s important that consequences are the result of this new normal. But please, let’s not let opportunistic, yellow journalists use this historic occasion as their latest marketing tool to peddle their discredited wares.

  5. The Washington Post proved how good they are last fall when they caught flaws in the story of one of the people who was accusing Roy Moore and discovered it was someone from Project Veritas purposely trying to plant a false story.

    Other major newspapers have also done a great job in their reporting so that even when the victims remain faceless withholding their names, you know that reporters have worked hard to verify their story as best they can.

    So yeah, I would hold out until a less tabloid newspaper checks out the story on Stan Lee (I’m hoping another paper will do some digging into the story). As the Daily Mail are the kind of paper that would just print whatever comes across their desk without verifying anything.

    Of course, I’m hoping these accusations aren’t true, while willing to accept them if they come from a more reputable paper.

  6. In the 1930s, the Daily Mail praised Hitler and Mussolini, and opposed allowing Jewish refugees into Britain. In more recent years it has been accused of racism, homophobia and sexism, and publishing fake “science” news (like its 1993 story about the discovery of a “gay gene”).

    Last year the Mail had to pay an undisclosed settlement to Melania Trump, for claiming she had worked as an escort in the ’90s.

    That said, I know that elderly men can quickly deteriorate — mentally and physically — when their wife dies. Especially if they were married for a long time. I’m not surprised that Stan Lee, a wealthy man of 95, has full-time nursing. But until a more reputable news organization reports these groping claims, I can’t take them very seriously.

  7. Yeah, if these actions occurred during a period where Stan required 24/7 care…I can’t condone the behavior, but I understand that once people reach a certain point, they literally aren’t in control of their actions and facilities.

    A few months prior to my grandfather turning 80, my family had to get him 24/7 care. He had become increasingly…belligerent. He started confusing me with one of my uncles (which, in short, was not good). Occasionally, his old self would shine through, but ultimately he was not in control. I can’t imagine what his mind would have been like if he reached 85, let alone 95.

  8. Spokesperson says it’s blackmail, nursing staff found themselves recently jobless, Daily Mail is reporting it. That is the holy trinity of nope.

    It’s disheartening that the current climate lends veracity to even the most spurious of claims, and that an allegation is tantamount to conviction in the eyes of many.

  9. True journalism would have considered the source, realized what a mess the actual source is and never printed a word. This unsubstantiated click bait at it’s finest. Unless you take this article down which would prove that I am completely wrong.

  10. Mister Smith said: “I understand that once people reach a certain point, they literally aren’t in control of their actions and facilities.”

    Tell me about it. My mother had no idea who I was — or who my father was — in the weeks before her death at 83 from dementia and Alzheimers. We recently had to take my father’s car keys away, after he went to a grocery store a few blocks away and ended up lost 200 miles from his home.

    If your parents live long enough, you’ll get to experience this. It isn’t pleasant.

  11. I feel sorry for Stan Lee because there’s almost nobody his own age left for him to chat with. He has outlived virtually all his peers.

    How many people who worked in the comics industry of the 1940s are still around? There’s Stan, and then … uh …

    After Stan, the oldest surviving comics pros I know of are Joe Sinnott (born 1926), Steve Ditko (b. 1927), Don Perlin (b. 1929), John Romita Sr. (b. 1930) and Stan’s brother, Larry Lieber (b. 1931). And they all entered the industry several years after Stan.

  12. “Yes, Kyle, Allen Bellman is still very much with us and doing lots of cons every year!”

    Glad to hear that. Steve Ditko doesn’t do cons — and hasn’t since the mid-1960s — but he reportedly still has an office in Manhattan and works there every week.

    I just thought of two other living pros who are 85-plus years old: Ramona Fradon (born 1926) and Marie Severin (b.1929). Anyone know of others in that age range?

  13. Old people should be shot in the head on their 75th birthday. Don’t even bring up their racism.

  14. Yep, I’ve contributed to Ditko’s two most recent Kickstarter campaigns. Should be getting the newest Mr. A comic in the next month or so I imagine.

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