hurricane and molly holly

We love chronicling all the crossovers between our two favorite popular culture mediums involving giant muscled-up people hitting each other repeatedly: superhero comics and pro wresting.

Today, it’s an interview at with Friend of the Beat Shane Helms aka The Hurricane. There’s talk about comics and sports entertainment, including Helms’ all-too-real neck injury, which has kept him out of action for quite a while now.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. And no mention of him being linked to the Signature Pharmacy steroid scandal, for which he received a suspension from the WWE.

  2. Helms is a good worker, it’s a shame that he sustained an injury like that.

    Not quite to the extreme, but Rey Mysterio came out to a spiderman and daredevil costume before that were pretty cool, and Nova used to sport a Venom shirt on a regular basis in ECW.