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Stan Lee has been hospitalized with shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat, TMZ reports.  The 95 year old Lee was taken to Cedars-Sinai last night after falling ill at home but is currently in stable condition.

Lee has cancelled a few appearances of late but was out at the Black Panther premiere on Sunday. Although he was photographed with star Chadwick Boseman, he also spent part of the event in a wheelchair – which is not unusual given his age, but still something that seems out of character for the still energetic Lee.

He appeared last month at the Ace Comicon in Phoenix.





  1. A real report should go into how Stan is being exploited and manipulated. It’s very hard to hear that or accept it because one does not think of a beloved (by the general public) billionaire attending massive events as either exploited or manipulated. However, the signs have long been there.

    Stan is bullied and manipulated by Mac Anderson (called ‘Max’) who appears with him in a sort of ‘minder’ or ‘bodyguard’ role but is, in fact, his manager and booker. Gil Champion and JC Lee are complicit as they rely on the constant stream of revenue from convention profit- they do not get direct pay from Stan’s movie royalties. Mac Anderson has a long established record of underhanded tactics and outright abuse to convention staffers across the country and with fans in line to see Stan.

    People believe Stan is in a position of power because it automatically answers the instinctive question of “Well, why would a 95 year old man go to all of these conventions if he didn’t want to?” Listen- Michael Davis wrote a very compelling column about Stan a year ago that was largely ignored. In the column, he talked about the numerous times he and Stan met up at shows and how Stan would give him feedback and so forth. Then he spoke about seeing Stan recently and Stan didn’t know who he was. Distressed, Davis is consoled by a handler of Stan who tells him something like “he has good days and bad days”- come on. This is obvious. https://www.comicmix.com/2017/03/02/michael-davis-stan-lee-the-man-now-and-forever/

    Stan is 95, has lost his wife, is in the hospital- who keeps pushing him to do these events, as fame-addicted as Stan always was? Look into it. You’ll have more to write about.

  2. When I see 95-year-old Stan being trotted out for these public appearances, I can’t help thinking of sick old Bela Lugosi being put through the paces by Ed Wood.

    I would like to know where Stan’s daughter J.C. is in all this. She’ll be 68 this year. All I know about her is that Michael Palin described her as “strange” in one of his memoirs. (She apparently dated a member of Monty Python in the ’70s, but I don’t remember which one. It wasn’t Palin.)

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