We hear there will be no softball game at SPX this year. We don’t know why this is. Several people have given us vague explanations, but we haven’t bothered to track down the searing inside story. We also hear that a trip to a pool hall is being proposed as the alternate Sunday afternoon activity.

Now, we like pool, but unless Hurricane Flloyd is hitting, we’d rather stand around outside on a raw October day drinking Heineken and blabbing than be inside playing pool. Liz Baille sent us this communique with an alternative to pool, and frankly we’re not sure what’s up, so we’re just throwing it out there.

If you are going to SPX this year, you’ve probably heard there will be no softball game on the Sunday after the show. Instead, billiards have been proposed.

I hate billiards.

So, my good buddy MK Reed suggested an impromptu SOCCER game on the Sunday after the show instead! Nothing formal, just a bunch of palefaced, out-of-shape cartoonists kicking the ol’ soccer ball around in some kind of local green area. She suggests we all meet in the hotel parking lot on Sunday and those who took buses to SPX can get rides with us nice folks who either own or are renting cars (to the game, of course).

This is, of course, only if the weather turns out to be something other than rain.

We’ll be in the hotel parking lot to leave around 12:30pm on Sunday for anyone who wants to join us.


  1. One of the information emails sent to the exhibitors included this info:

    There will be no picnic and softball game on Sunday this year. With the change in location and the later dates an appropriate park could not be located and the weather could be an issue. However, we wanted to continue the tradition of a final Sunday social event for exhibitors. This year instead of outdoor softball we will have indoor billiards.

    I have had a good response to the request that exhibitors RSVP for the social. I understand billiards isn’t for everyone. Personally I always used the Sunday picnic to visit rather than watch the game as I find softball boring. But a chance for exhibitors to get together and visit has always been the goal as they usually spend conventions trapped behind their tables. Whether that is with pool tables or soccer field, that goal is met.

  2. Hey thanks for posting this! For any interested parties, we don’t actually know if there is a parking lot, so if there is not a parking lot, just meet in the lobby or somesuch place at 12:30 on Sunday. Keep in mind that we are just a bunch of dorks with a soccer ball so if you are heavy on competition you may want to steer clear because we suck at sports and we are just in it for the camaraderie and fun. I’m sure some people will enjoy billiards, but if soccer is more your thing, feel free to meet up with us on Sunday and we’ll figure out a plan.

  3. Oh and Karon – I hope you didn’t take offense at our organizing an alternate Sunday thing. It doesn’t sound like you did, but I figured I should mention that we meant no ill will towards any fans or organizers of billiards. It’s just not our thing, is all, and we figured there might be others who would rather do something out-of-doors. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain…

    *fingers crossed*