FBI will be at SPX in force. Check this FLOG post for even more details here her’es the signing schedule:


3:00 Paul Karasik & Bill Griffith
4:00 Paul Karasik & Bill Griffith
5:00 Gilbert Hernandez & Tom Kaczynski
6:00 Gilbert Hernandez & Miss Lasko-Gross
7:00 Kim Deitch & Miss Lasko-Gross


11:00 Gilbert Hernandez
12:00 Miss Lasko-Gross & Paul Karasik
1:00 Miss Lasko-Gross & Paul Karasik
2:00 Kim Deitch & Paul Karasik
3:00 Kim Deitch & Tom Kaczynski
4:00 Gilbert Hernandez & Tom Kaczynski
5:00 Gilbert Hernandez & Bill Griffith
6:00 Gilbert Hernandez & Bill Griffith

Friday 6PM: Paul Karasik on Fletcher Hanks
Friday 8PM: Gilbert Hernandez Q&A
Friday 9PM: Bill Griffith at D.C.’s Politics & Prose bookstore
Saturday 12PM: Kim Deitch spotlight
Saturday 4PM: Bill Griffith Spotlight