Well it’s kinda summer, but the winners are up! The creators receiving grants are as follows:
Gary Scott Beatty – Jazz: Cool Birth
Marek Bennett – Breakfast at Mimi’s Doughnuts
Eroyn Franklin – Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory
Jason Hoffman – Mine
Jack Hsu – 8-9-3
Jenny Jaeckel – Spot 12
Dave Kiersh – Dirtbags, Mall Chicks and Motorbikes
Alex Kim – Wall City (Kim art above)
stef lenk – TeaTime
Justin Murphy – Cleburne
Felix Tannenbaum – The Chronicles of Some Made

The Xeric Foundation has announced its most recent grant recipients. A total of $51,494 was awarded for eleven comic book projects. The Foundation has awarded in excess of $2,000,000 to comic book creators and nonprofit organizations since its first grant cycle in September 1992.

Established by Peter Laird, co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Northampton, MA based foundation offers financial assistance to self-publishing comic book creators in the US and Canada and to qualified charitable and nonprofit organizations in western Massachusetts.

The next deadline and review dates for comic book grants are September 30, 2008 and November 1, 2008, respectively. The charitable organization grants are decided annually in March and announced separately.


  1. Well, it looks like “Jazz: Cool Birth” IS appearing in your local comic shop’s Previews catalog for preorder. There are now more preview pages of the book online to peruse at aazurn.com. Response to some review copies has been overwhelmingly positive, although people have been asking me to speak in Beat slang, and I have to tell them, “I can write it, but I sound kinda stupid saying it.” I hear somebody like my uncle Bill, a jazz piano man in his youth, when I write down the dialogue, dig?

    Xeric Grant Recipient and Recovering Musician Gary Scott Beatty