Director Steven Spielberg gave film site scribes visiting the set for some Indiana Jones scoop a heaping helping of news about the planned Tintin trilogy that he and Peter Jackson are making, according to this report at CHUD:

# Just in case you thought they were joking, these films will be entirely mo-cap.
# Spielberg will shoot the first film (he didn’t reveal the title) in thirty days. Peter Jackson will join him on the soundstage for some of this, thus indicating that the film will be a highly collaborative venture. In fact, they duo might co-direct the third feature rather than track down another helmer for the final entry.
# Spielberg stressed that he and Jackson will be on the “same soundstage”. I don’t know if this means Spielberg will be heading down to New Zealand, or if Jackson will spending more time than usual in the States.
# The f/x will be done exclusively by WETA. In other words, this will be Spielberg’s first film to not use ILM for visual f/x since… Raiders of the Lost Ark?
# Spielberg and Jackson have a dedicated line through which they can share production art, storyboards and all that stuff whenever they like.

Shooting for a MONTH? In post for years, wethinks.