200807161111One of these days, the Spider-Man musical is going to open and it’s going to be pretty incredible. With theatre genius Julie Taymor on board and songs by Bono and the Edge, people will be talking. That day won’t be for MORE than a year yet, but there is movement, Vulture reports. It looks like James Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood, the stars of Taymor’s ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, won’t be playing Spidey and MJ, but a casting call has gone out:

In addition to Spidey and MJ, the show is also casting a third part, with this description:

Female, 25-35 years old [with] amazing rock vocals. Think Sinead O’Connor with a Middle Eastern/Bulgarian/Greek twist. Foreign, world music types are great, foreign accents are great.

This part seems likely to be the role of Arachne, described in a much earlier casting notice as a kind of chorus/spider spirit/dark goddess of vengeance, and easily the most Taymorian aspect of the show so far.

Fanboys will love it!


  1. … but it’s Julie Taymor!!!, as in Julie “I raped all your favorite Beatles songs so I could make them appealing to 14 year old girls and their soccer moms” Taymor!!! She should be treated like a war criminal! Not even if Rattle & Hum or Auchtung Baby’s Bono & The Edge came from the past to make the music!!

    Anyway, another good thing that went wrong becoming a musical…

  2. I would not trust a thing the Vulture says about a Spider-Man musical.

    Really, Heidi, you’re going to take the word of one of Spider-Man’s DEADLIEST FOES on this? You’re slipping, sister!

  3. When I was a kid, I had this tool for analyzing social situations. If I saw a group of people from my circle hanging out with kids from another circle that I wasn’t so pumped about, I would assign them all a number from -2 to +2. -2 meant I couldn’t stand you. 0 meant you didn’t really register at all. +2 meant I loved you. The 1’s gave you wiggle room. Then I’d add them all up.

    If the number came out positive, I’d join my crew. If it came out negative, I’d keep walking.

    Let’s apply this analysis:

    Musicals? -2
    Spidey? +2
    SUM: 0

    don’t think I can swing this baby.