To the surprise of no one, ‘Spider-Man 3’ set a new record for biggest opening day:

Spider-Man 3 cast the widest web ever—over 10,000 screens at 4,252 theaters—and nabbed the all-time biggest gross for a single day: an estimated $59 million on Friday.

The previous title holder, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, drew $55.8 million on 8,500 screens at 4,133 theaters, contributing to a record-breaking $135.6 million weekend last July.

Distributor Sony projected Saturday morning that Spider-Man 3 would generate from $135 million to $145 million for the weekend (Friday to Sunday). The studio claimed a $258 million production budget for the Marvel Comics sequel, compared to $200 million for Spider-Man 2 and $139 million for Spider-Man.


  1. If you can get past Peter’s Batman and Robin-esque jazz club jig and Harry’s Butler (Mr. Exposition) the movie was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it.

    Broke Pirates record, and it wasn’t even a holiday weekend. Wowza!

  2. I thought the Butler was cute! Plus a convenient plot device for Harry to get over his s–t (a lot like the controversial throw-Matt-Damon-Against-a-wall-rather-than-bore-everyone-with-actual-psychoanalysis scene in Good Will Hunting).

    And Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen. God. As if our crush on her wasn’t bad enough!

    My only problem was giant Sandman. I think the Sandman is cooler as he’s done in the comics. More down-to-earth size-wise, but very adaptable.

    I want to see votes for favorite fight! I think the first Harry vs. Spidey was the best, but that’s not to say the others weren’t pretty awesome.

  3. “Does every villain in the movies HAVE to find out that Peter Parker is Spider-man?”

    Yes … that sets up the “Join me, Spider-Man” segment of the script. That’s the obligatory scene where the villain explains that they are opposite sides of the coin … whatever that means.