Another version of Peter Parker was quietly boxed away today, with the announcement that Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark will be shutting down production next year. The most expensive production to ever hit Broadway – and one which became more expensive once the cast members started getting seriously injured seemingly every month – there are suggestions that the show may well return at some point in future, showcasing in Las Vegas.


The Wall Street Journal reports that while the show took in around a million dollars per week in ticket sales, it also cost $1.2 million to put on each week. With that leaving the show dangling precariously (perhaps upside down in the rain, above a soaked redhead) in financial terms, the Broadway run will end in order to cut losses and break even.

The show was a cursed production – although recent reports do suggest the quality of the production improved markedly once Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa took over and redrafted the script. The show was in previews for an exaggeratedly extended amount of time, and was hit by a number of accidents to the castmembers and crew. Initial reviews were poor, and the show only seemed to make a recovery once director Julie Taymor was fired back in 2011. Since then things have settled somewhat, although not without the odd severe injury along the way.

Producers are predicting that the show may return in 2015, based in Las Vegas.


  1. 1010WINS reported last week that the show would be replaced by …
    King Kong. The Musical. From Australia.

    Total loss for investors? $60 Million. The most successful flop on Broadway.
    (“Carrie” is still noteworthy. $8 Million in 1988, 5 performances.)

    Wait… what about Alice Cooper?! It was rumored that he was to be cast as the Green Goblin!

    If it does go to Vegas, then Cirque du Soleil should revamp it.

    Hmmm… does this mean that amateur theaters can now stage the musical? Look out, Charlie Brown!

    Across the street at the New Amsterdam, Aladdin is due to open next year.

    Meanwhile… Batman Live continues to tour the midwest.
    So, in live theater, DC is easily beating Marvel, what with notable musicals based on Superman (129 performances) and MAD Magazine (871).

    Maybe Marvel can bring back their 1987 Macy’s Thanksgiving parade float…

  2. I saw this. It was a fun show, but not at all a good show. The story was pretty boring. Still, I might try to catch it again before it closes because it was a lot of fun seeing all the stunts and costumes.

  3. My experience is the same as CH’s. Go for the stunt and it won’t disappoint. Saw this two years ago, sat in 2nd row of upper balcony, normally probably poor seats given the distance from stage. But not here, we were right in front of guys leaping off and landing for all the aerobatics. Great fun.

    The set pieces and perspectives were clever for use with Spiderman, especially the tops of skyscrapers.

    Silly but True

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