They said it couldn’t be done.

Arising from a shambling mess of overspending, poor planning and bad management, against all odds the Spider-Man musical –and its titanotheric top line of talent, including theater heavyweight Julie Taymor, guitar god Edge and immanence manifest Bono–are actually coming to Broadway. Earlier in the week, the very first perplexing set concept art emerged, which you can see above. And today, Friday, a song from the musical will be performed for a mass audience for the first time, when Reeve Carney, who plays Spider-Man, sings one of the songs on Good Morning America. If you happen to be up and about at 7 am, you can even watch the taping.

spidermanonbroadway.marvel.com 2010-9-9 23-29.jpg

This looks to be the beginning of an actual media blitz for the show, which opens in December. We’re getting our preview tickets before for sure, this show may not last that long! Or…it may be a classic long remembered. The set design — a genuine leak! — speaks of a very experimental stage which is what we’ve been hearing.

More at the official site.


  1. Oog… a giant Kjeldahl Flask in the middle of a laboratory? And how did they get that spider inside?

    I suspect that, given the starkness (har!) of the lab, that there will be some light effect on the tubes. Possibly when Norman becomes the Green Goblin.

    Tickets go on sale to the general (non-AmEx) public Sunday.

  2. i think this could be amazing if it’s done right…or a huge mess, lol. i hope the former. so far what i’ve seen and heard looks cool. Julie Taymor always has stunning visuals, and I like the guitar and melody of this Spidey song by Bono & Edge. who knows!!

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