With Avengers: Endgame opening this Thursday, Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige has been doing the worldwide rounds to attend various premieres and fan events.
At one such event in Shanghai, Feige told a reporter on the red carpet that Spider-Man: Far from Home is not the start of Phase 4. It’s actually the conclusion of Phase 3. Newsweek seems to have found the red carpet interview where Feige made this proclamation.
It shouldn’t be too surprising or mind-blowing, considering that no movies after Spider-Man: Far From Home has been announced yet. In fact, no movie after that Sony-Marvel collaboration has even gone into production yet.  (I went through the possibilities for future Marvel Studios movies with a little bit of conjecture a few months back.)
This “big announcement” may or may not confirm that Spider-Man: Far from Home takes place before Avengers: Infinity War — the solo movies have always jumped around in time in relation to the characters’ appearances in Avengers movies, just like in the comics.
Put it this way, if Tom Holland’s Peter Parker doesn’t even mention the events of Infinity War Endgame in his upcoming solo movie, that would clinch the fact it was set before those events to avoid spoiling Spider-Man’s fate after the fateful Thanos finger snap at the end of Infinity War.  We also know that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury appears in Spider-Man: Far from Home, and he was also “snapped.”
It’s also a little odd that Feige and Marvel are still even talking about “phases” since other than the Russo Brothers’ movies, the recent Marvel films have jumped around in time with only the end credits sequences leading directly into Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame.
Spider-Man: Far From Home was recently moved earlier to open on July 2, but that might be more to take advantage of the 4th of July holiday than for any story reason.
You can watch the video of Feige making that proclamation in the video below:


  1. Marvel is probably going to take a hiatus (like Lucasfilm is after “Rise of Skywalker”) before the next series of movies cranks up.

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