After the three lead actors each announced a different subtitle for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man threequel yesterday, it appears we now have an official title: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The announcement was made via Twitter, in a post that included a video featuring Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon leaving the office of director Jon Watts and lamenting that he had given then fake names for the highly-anticipated movie. They agree that it’s probably because Holland is not great at keeping secrets… before pointing out that he was responsible for spoiling the title of the last movie.

After that, we get the image of a white board with plenty of “possible titles” (including No Place Like Home, which was The Beat’s guess – oh, so close), with Spider-Man: No Way Home circled in the center.

As my friend and fellow comics devotee Cesar Gamboa pointed out, the chemistry diagrams on this white board are hexagons…

Is it possible that the details decorating the white board offer additional clues about what we might see happening in the upcoming movie? There’s tons of images, rejected titles, and commentary on the lot included in the mix.

The movie is currently scheduled for release in movie theaters this Christmas – and while that does seem a little bit optimistic (considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), it gives us plenty of time for speculation one way or another.

Are we really going to be seeing the Sinister Six on screen? Where did they get those awesome Pac-Man ghost decorations that you can see hanging in the background of the video? If they make a fourth Holland-headlined Spider-Flick, will it also include “home” in the title?

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