Mike Manley posts his inks of Mike Wieringo’s epochal pencils.


  1. I LOVED Spider-Ham as a kid.

    But… why are they ALL pigs in this image? Captain America was “Captain Americat” and the Fantastic Four were the “Fantastic Fur” ( I believe Thing was a bear, Invisible Girl was Invisible Gorilla and Mr. F was a moose.) And I think Iron Man was “Iron Mandrill” or “Iron Manatee” or somethin’…

  2. Yeah, they better have some sort of note about these being the “Ultimate” versions, because if the continuity doesn’t jibe exactly with my twenty-year-old Marvel Tails and Peter Porker books, I will boycott Marvel forever.

    (I’m might be joking, I don’t really know.)

  3. As I hit the comment button, I was thinking to myself, “Please don’t let me have to be the one to point out that most of the rest of the Spider-Ham universe weren’t pigs.” Captain Americat, Iron Mouse… hell, even Mary Jane was a water buffalo.