Call it a reboot.  Call it a marketing ploy.  After her massive Spiderverse debut and five solo book issues, Spider-Gwen is getting a new comic.  It will debut this fall after Secret Wars under Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” relaunch banner.  However, the more things change, the more things stay the same.  Despite being renumbered, Spider-Gwen will continue to keep its creative team of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez and will pick up from where Spider-Gwen #5 left off.  It will even take place on Earth-65, indicating that Secret Wars may join the long line of events that promises to change everything but doesn’t end up changing much of anything– at least we get Battleworld out of this one.

According to Latour in an interview with IGN:

The aim with this first couple of issues is to give folks who are new an entry point into Gwen’s world but to also fill in a little back story for people who’ve been with us awhile.

So with that in mind we begin with Gwen discovering that someone has re-created Peter Parker’s LIzard formula. This of course is a terrible realization for her, in that becoming The Lizard is what killed Peter and branded Gwen a fugitive. So as she sets out to figure out just who is behind all of this she’s torn between her chances to clear her name and the great debt of responsibility she feels toward Peter’s legacy. It’s a story that will take Gwen down memory lane a little and we’ll see just how a lot of this came to pass.

Of course there are still a lot of loose ends from “MOST WANTED?” (our first volume) and we haven’t forgotten them. Captain Stacy is still the only thing standing between Gwen and Frank Castle’s NYPD and “Matt Murderdock” is still out to, I guess you could say, “get” Spider-Woman.



  1. Seriously? 5 issues and already getting a volume 2? I swear, Marvel. Honestly, what comic book companies should do today is do yearly seasons. Number a comic something like Spider-Gwen 2015.1 and 2015.2 and 2015.3 and so on. At 2015.12 that volume ends, and the next volume is 2016.1 in January. This way people can somehow attempt to keep up with all these volumes (because it seriously gets ridiculously hard to figure out what you’re looking for, etc.) And these companies get a brand new #1 for their books every year!

  2. Boy, it’s going to be REAL tough for people to figure out what to buy…Spider-Gwen Vol 1 or….

    Don’t assume buyers are so stupid. There is ONE VOLUME of Spider-Gwen that is going to be released, followed by a new #1 for them to then attach themselves to. This makes complete sense.

  3. And is there anyone who does not see this ending badly? Not Spider-Gwen, which may be a wonderful book, but this brand expansion that started with the Avengers and is now taking over Spider-Man. Is there any reason to think this won’t end exactly like it did for X-Men with the brand ultimately devalued?


  4. Just name every issue number one. Spider Gwen volume 1 number one, volume 2 number one, volume 3 number one. The volume number replaces the issue number and *poof!* all first issues!!!

    Does Spider Gwen actually call herself Spider Gwen? have friends named Spider George, Spider Nancy, Spider Tiffany and the gal who does her nails is Spider Kayla. She could legally change her last name, “Hi, I’m Gwen Spider. Charmed.”

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