Marvel’s cranking up the hype on the upcoming Spider-Geddon Event.  Short version: Dan Slott &Christos Gage are teaming up for a Spider-Verse sequel where Morlun gets free and it all spins out of Amazing Spider-Man #800.

Official PR follows:

Spinning out of the pages of Spider-Man #800, Dan Slott’s epic conclusion to his ten year run delivers you straight into SPIDER-GEDDON #1, where Slott teams with writer Christos Gage and artist Jorge Molina to bring Marvel’s Spider-Heroes together in one of the most epic stories ever!

Featuring new villains and old villains, shocking deaths and shocking returns, and all the Spider-Characters you can fit into one larger-than-life tale, this is a Marvel Spider-Event not to be missed!

“Spider-Verse took the multitudes of Spider-Characters and put them all on the same stage and we’ve been playing with it ever since,” teased editor Nick Lowe. “SPIDER-GEDDON straps dynamite to that stage and blows it to smithereens. The most dangerous spider-villain ever, Morlun, and his family of INHERITORS were trapped in the perfect prison at the end of SPIDER-VERSE. But like in any super hero story, there’s always a way out and you won’t believe how these Spider-Eaters get out. But they’re out and they want revenge.”

“Having had the great pleasure of collaborating with Dan Slott and an all-star array of artists on Spider-Verse, I’m thrilled to be part of SPIDER-GEDDON!” shared writer Christos Gage. “In addition to old favorites, SPIDER-GEDDON will see some new parallel-world Spideys show up…notably the Peter Parker from the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Playstation 4 video game I’ve been working on for the past several years with the great folks at Insomniac Games! Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention how excited I am about once again writing REDACTED, the REDACTED! Is he the hero SPIDER-GEDDON needs…or the biggest threat to our world? Comics should be fun, thrilling, and a little scary. With SPIDER-GEDDON, we’re looking to deliver on all counts.”

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for more announcements regarding tie-in titles and other surprises, as Marvel prepares to reveal more about SPIDER-GEDDON!

The end of the Spider-Verse is nigh…and the revenge of the Spider-Verse is here in SPIDER-GEDDON!


  1. I don’t read this stuff so I don’t want to comment on the quality but it is striking how homogenized and generic super-hero storytelling has become. I remember when a Spider-Man story was different than a Hulk story, both were different from an Iron Man story, and all three were different than a Superman story. Now, the same concepts and tropes just get recycled through every character.

    Again, this stuff may be incredibly well executed and entertaining in its own right but this isn’t Spider-Man and it’s not what made the character so popular for so long.


  2. Slott’s done with Spider-Man? Ten years of comics in the bag. Well… that lasted all of 5 minutes, apparently.

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