As expected, Amazing Spider-Man is relaunching with a new #1 as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative.  The relaunch will ship in July.  Nick Spencer will be writing.  Ryan Ottley will be on pencils with Cliff Rathburn inking.  Laura Martin is the colorist.

The attempted spin on this is that Ryan Ottley is moving to Spidey after his long run on Invincible with Robert Kirkman over at Image.

The real news is this is Nick Spencer’s next big Marvel gig after Secret Empire, a mini-series that was as divisive as they come and started some massive trolling wars on Twitter.  And a lot of fans appear to be holding a grudge against Spencer.

Ironically, the last time Spencer played in the Spidey-verse was on Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  Superior Foes was a critical darling, if not a big seller, so there’s at least some reason to think Spencer might be a good fit for the wise-cracking version of Spidey.  The question is whether Secret Empire is going to get in the way for the audience?


  1. Also a good call here. Spencer’s Superior Foes of Spider-Man was a lot of fun to read. He had that appreciation for some of Spider-Man’s sillier villains that I hope will carry into his run on Amazing. Now hopefully Marvel lets this series have an easier and more affordable entry point – $3.99. Otherwise, with Spencer’s last work being despised by many, a $4.99 #1 or double shipped first month, a lot of readers may sit out the relaunch.

  2. Amazing Spider-Man used to have such great artists! Then over the last few years we’ve just had well, not great art IMHO. We finally get Stuart Immonen, and I’m like “Yes!” And he lasts how long? And now with yet another relaunch we’re back to cartoony art. I’ll pass. Cebulski is a huge reason Marvel’s artists are just not up to snuff anymore. With him totally taking over the reigns, I don’t see anything changing anytime soon…

  3. Why relaunch…. again.
    At this point they’re just confusing everybody.
    ASM. Relaunch! Back to original numbering. Relaunch! Relaunch! Relaunch! Back to original numbering. And now another relaunch.

    I wish marvel would focus on good storytelling and new storylines rather than constantly marketing a new #1.

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