The Flash is about to get a new status quo and creative team when the series relaunches as part of the Dawn of DC initiative next month from writer Si Spurrier and artist Mike Deodato Jr. Wally West won’t be the only speedster to feel the effects of that new status, though. In November DC will launch Speed Force, a new series starring Flash Family members Wallace “Ace” West, aka Kid Flash, and Avery Ho, The Flash of China. The series is written by Jarrett Williams and illustrated by Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Here’s how DC describes the series:

Wallace West and Avery Ho: the young speedsters have been Teen Titans, Justice Leaguers, and above all, members of the Flash Family. As they become aware of mysterious changes happening to the Speed Force, they race to Keystone City, where they encounter old friends, new threats, and a chance to forge their own paths.

The series is the first DC Comics work for Jarrett Williams, a writer and artist who has previously worked on titles like Super Pro K.O. and Rick & Morty – Worlds Apart for Oni Press. It’s Williams’s first collaboration with Daniele Di Nicuolo, whose most recent work for DC includes the Knight Terrors: Nightwing miniseries.

The new Speed Force series is not the first time members of the extended Flash Family have gotten their own book. Bart Allen, otherwise known as Impulse, starred in his own 89-issue ongoing series from 1995 through 2002. A Speed Force anthology one-shot featuring multiple stories set in the past, present, and future of the Flash Family was also released by DC in 1997, though that book largely featured stories tying in to things happening in other series.

Along with a main cover by Di Nicuolo, Speed Force #1 will sport variant covers by Leirix (open-to-order) and Deodato Jr. (1:25 incentive). Check out Leirix’s variant cover below. Speed Force #1 is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Tuesday, November 14th.