Over at ComicMix, it’s been teased and speculated that co-owner Mike Gold and partners will be rolling out a “Phase 2” for the site. Given that Gold is the founder of First Comics, properties and creators associated with that line has been part of that speculation. Today Glenn Hauman pulls a tease with this:

After all, if Nexus can come back in this day and age, complete with the original creators, what could possibly be next?

John Ostrander and Timothy Truman on GrimJack?

Mike Grell doing new Jon Sable Freelance?

Del Close coming back from the grave for new Munden’s Bar stories?

Obviously, if we have any information about any of these properties, we’ll let you know.


Unless something else comes along to eclipse that news.

Eclipse was of course the OTHER early 80s indie comics company that published many fondly remembered books like the original ZOT! and Miracleman and all that kind of stuff. Dean Mullaney was the publisher, the same Dean Mullaney who has now reappeared in comics editing comic strip reprints for IDW.

Is is all a coincidence? Or a tease? Or just something to fill column space?


  1. What? Why’s everybody looking at me? :)

    I’ve been busy with my day job so I haven’t had a chance to post on ComiMix as often as I usually try to do. Fortunately, Mike and Glenn have been picking up lots of slack. But they do tend to be cryptic, don’t they?

    Incidentally, I hope you had a chance to read my “Life with Lulu” column today. You’re a big part of my happy Lulu memories, and I’m still so thrilled to call you my friend! Anyone who wants to respond to any of the columns I write on ComicMix can always comment on my Blogspot blog…

  2. Munden’s Bar is all well and good, but If Del Close comes back from the grave, I’d want to see him & Ostrander do some more WASTELAND stories (y’know, from that largely brilliant but criminally overlooked weird horror anthology they did for DC in the pre-Vertigo days…)

  3. Didn’t IDW just put out a new Grimjack mini last year, when they first started putting out the trades? Didn’t they put out a Sable mini around the same time? Or am I smoking the bad crack again?

  4. IDW did indeed do trade collections of Grimjack and Sable. Great work by Tim, John, and Mike.
    As for my reappearance coinciding with Mike Gold’s, it begs the question: have you ever seen both of us in the same room at the same time? Now THAT can start a good round of speculation!

  5. I’ve seen Dean The Spleen in the same room at the same time as Mike and thought, “Gee, if they’d stand next to each other, it would look like a big number “10” with a fuzzy top…

    (So, when’s the Airboy revival, Dean-o?)

  6. Todd, I’ve seen speculation on “Phase 2 of ComicMix” be everything from print publication of new Grimjack and Jon Sable to doing digital comics distribution for DC Comics to going head-to-head with Comicne.ws and ComicSpace to just getting a working comments section so we can stop piggybacking on Heidi’s.

    So far, no one’s gotten more than about 40% right. And in a day and age of spoiler junkies, that’s pretty impressive to me that we’ve kept things that well under wraps. So, yes, there is a Stage 2. And a Stage 3. And 4. And so on. We’re in this for the long haul.